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EnviroCooler® insulated shipping containers:

 Envirocooler® engineered solutions.

Envirocooler<sup>®</sup> engineered cold chain solutions.
Ice–Locker®, Convection–Engine®, BioSphere®, CryoSphere®

With Techpack Solutions as a partner you get the world–leading Envirocooler® temperature sensitive shipping range of solutions combined with a local ISO9001 quality assured supplier to support you.

EnviroCoolers products are for the most part, proprietary patented designs which are qualified to maintain a defined product temperature range when subjected to the range of possible external conditions (both physical and thermal) the product may experience during transportation to the end user. Because of the vulnerability to temperature of the protein composition of new drugs, the aging global population, increased regulatory requirements, and potential pharmaceutical company liability, demand for EnviroCooler’s solutions continues to increase with BioPharma organizations valuing proven performance over price.

EnviroCoolers product portfolio is divided into 4 distinct product categories: Parcel Loads; Pallet Loads; Tank Loads; and Bottle & Bag loads. Each category is supported by their own design technology: the Parcel Loads by the patented Ice-Locker® & Convection Enginer® design technology; the Pallet Loads by the patented BioSphere® design technology; the Tanks loads by the patented CryoSphere® design technology; and the Bottles & Bag loads by Sliding Ice–Tray design technology.

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